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Thanksgiving and the Beard

posted November 28, 2014 6:33 am


Happy Thanksgiving America!  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canadia as well but a month ago before the foot of snow.  For Canadian Thanksgiving we went camping in the mountains, and Matt decided to grow a beard.  His decision to grow a beard made me think this morning – regardless of whether you are giving thanks in Canada or America as soon as those leaves hit the ground and that painful cold air hits your face, it’s beard time, and if you can actually grow a decent beard, all the power to you.  It’s not hard to grow a beard, you just don’t shave, but how do you get past the itchy stage?  Or how do you deal with scaly skin underneath?  Depending on where you live some products will work better than others and now a days there is so much to choose from, what works best for you?  A beard Oil or a Beard balm?  For Matt’s Beard we decided to use a beard oil made locally by Weather.


Weather beard oil is one of our favourites because it uses natural oils to not only moisturize the beard itself but the dry skin underneath it and helps to prevent any irritations or ingrown hairs.  Why is exfoliation important?  Your skin naturally regenerates itself and sheds every so often, exfoliation helps to remove all the skin that is being shed.  Dead skin left on the face makes it hard for new hairs to grow through after a fresh shave, causing ingrowns.  Add a thick beard to that equation and you might possibly get a whole mess of ingrown hairs once you decide to shave the beard.  When applying a beard oil, always try to rub it deep into your skin to help exfoliate and help with circulation on your face.  Applying beard oil at a shorter length is optimal as you get in the habit of proper beard care for the reasons mentioned.  It’s also a lot easier to start maintenance while the hair is short for obvious reasons but as the hair grows it keeps it soft and easy to manage.  You can apply the beard oil as needed depending on how dry your beard or skin is.



Ok, aside from the beard, here are some other pics for your random pleasure, Happy Turkey Day!


A Cute Dog


Bacon fat pancakes are like heaven