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The Nomad Barber – Episode 15 – Indonesia

posted November 18, 2014 4:57 am

A map of the world used for The Nomad Barber

Barber culture around the globe.

Miguel Gutierrez is The Nomad Barber, and travels the globe documenting barber culture.

The Nomad Barber is a web-series following the differences in barber culture around the world. Filming haircuts, shaves and head massages from five different continents, the Nomad Barber pulls up a stool with the locals and sets out to uncover the barbering secrets and stories of everyone he meets.

We love sharing barber and barber shop culture with you and will be sharing a new destination in their journey Tuesday each week here on the Barber Ha blog.

This week the Nomad Barber visits Indonesia.