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Music Monday: Wanda Jackson – “Let’s Have a Party”

posted July 7, 2014 5:00 am

Wanda Jackson – “Let’s Have a Party”

Wanda Jackson was only halfway through high school when country singer Hank Thompson heard her on a radio show and asked her to record with his band, the Brazos Valley Boys. By the end of the decade, Jackson was known as the Queen of Rockabilly and had become one of America’s first major female country and rockabilly acts.

Her version of “Let’s Have a Party,” (video below) which Elvis had cut earlier, was a U.S. Top 40 pop hit for her in 1960. After the hit she renamed the band the Party Timers.

Music Monday: Charles Bradley – “You Put the Flame on it”

posted June 30, 2014 8:00 am

Charles Bradley – “You Put the Flame on it”

“Charles Bradley is a true underdog and has a pretty inspiring story, I think everyone who has seen him perform or listened to his albums or saw Soul of America is touched by him somehow. We’re just really lucky to be part of a community that gives a damn about great music” – Travis Sargent

Music Monday: Fantastic Four – “I’ve Got to Have You”

posted June 23, 2014 8:00 am

Fantastic Four – “I’ve Got to Have You”

This single from later in the more-popular era of the Fantastic Four (not the comic supergroup) is a great soul track to get your week started off right.

Music Monday: Getaway Mix

posted June 16, 2014 8:00 am

This fourteen-track soul and groove mix featuring Parliament, the Temptations, The Jays, and some special gems has all you need to get your next summer party hopping or for your next drive out of town.

Getaway Mix by Boogie on Mixcloud

Solidarity Rock tonight!

posted June 15, 2014 8:00 am

Barber Ha • Sunday June 15th / 4PM • Solidarity Rock Presents:


Don’t miss today’s show! $12 at door • Facebook


Adictox – “La Polla (cover)”


Slates – “Taiga”


Music Monday: The Sweet & Innocent – “I Don’t know What You’re Full Of”

posted June 9, 2014 7:55 am

The Sweet & Innocent – “I Don’t know What You’re Full Of”

This b-side rarity off of The Sweet & Innocent’s 1972 Cry Love single is going to have you repeating “I don’t know what he’s full of but it sure ain’t love” for a while.

CUBAN PUNK INVASION • Solidarity Rock hits Barber Ha

posted June 5, 2014 8:01 am

Barber Ha • Sunday June 15th / 4PM • Solidarity Rock Presents:


$12 at door • Additional info on Facebook

Solidarity Rock is back with a history-bending Cuban punk invasion, a live event that can only be at Barber Ha.

Edmonton heavies SLATES will take the stage with their Cuban brethren for the first time in 4 years.

Trinidad, Cuba’s Hardcore heros ARRABIO return to Edmonton, their second home.

This time, they will travel with ADICTOX from Santa Clara, the punkest band in the world (not joking). This will be ADICTOX’s first show out side of Cuba.

VIKING FELL is the latest Canadian band to make the journey and tour across Cuba. They are sportin new dance jams and can’t be stopped.

BOOK OF CAVERNS are a DIY tour de force. Building and crashing, singing songs with heart and a pile of emotion, this is straight outta 1998.

BACK TO THE BLANKET are a young hip hop act from Eden Valley, AB and will be playing with ARRABIO and Adictox in towns across treaty 7 territory later in the month.


Adictox – “La Polla (cover)”


Slates – “Taiga”


Slates, Stepmothers, Switches the S Trifecta Start Off 2014 at Barber Ha!

posted February 5, 2014 9:33 pm

March 1st marks our first Barber Ha show of 2014!  Slates a long time favorite of ours is releasing their much anticipated new album “Taiga” recorded by the legendary Steve Albini.  Also on the bill are Stepmothers and Switches.  This will be a RAGER of a good time, with lots of truth bombs, and when your bellies get grumbly Sailin’On will be there to save the day!   Have a listen and get into it!!!



Concealer AND Rhythm of Cruelty

posted October 18, 2013 10:50 am

This Saturday, Barber Ha hosts it’s first Annual Halloween Goth Party featuring bands Concealer, and Rhythm of Cruelty!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy these bands, don’t miss out on an amazing show!  $10 at the door, doors open at 9pm.  You can Also check them out here:



Playlist: Vacationation

posted March 5, 2013 10:49 am


Sometimes we just can’t get away and spring seems so near yet so damn far. Here’s a little play list to get you through! By all means, feel free to crank the heat, get out a beach blanket, discard your pants and have some cocktails. You can’t go wrong with tequila, coke, and lime con rocas. OLE!

Andrea Yacyshyn is a gal about town who just came back from Mexico.

Coal Minin’ Playlist

posted February 8, 2013 6:04 pm

There are few industries so involved with America, murder, death and disease that found such a presence in the music industry as coal mining. This is a list representing a period in America (and Canada) when men went to work every morning not knowing if they’d be coming back that night.


(For some fun, play this list on the job while your boss is around. Unless your boss doesn’t like you. Or if you actually work in a coalmine, because then the irony will be completely lost.)


C.T.F.S.—Check This For Sure


Hard Times in Coleman’s Mines / Aunt Molly Jackson!/search?q=hard+times+in+coleman’s+mines

“It was so smoky between them coal miners and them scabs and thugs that nobody know’d who shot who and nobody know who killed who.”

That crazy woman babbling is Aunt Molly Jackson (1880-1960), a coal mining activist and songwriter who lost her family to coal, her first husband (died in the mine) and second husband (had to divorce her because she supported the union). There’s no better way to hear about it like it was. The song starts at 5:10.


He’s Only a Miner Killed in the Ground / Ted Chestnut!/search?q=He’s+Only+a+miner+killed+in+the+ground

I have yet to encounter a moniker more folky than Ted Chestnut.


(CTFS) The Yablonski Murders / Hazel Dickens!/search?q=the+yablonski+murder

Murders most foul.


Deep Mine Blues / Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time!/search?q=deep+mine+blues+larry+cordle

Now for something a little more contemporary.


Dark as a Dungeon / Johnny Cash!/search?q=dark+as+a+dungeon

Nice candid moment right in the middle of the concert.


I’m a Coal Mining Man / Tom T. Hall!/search?q=I’m+a+coal+mining+man

This song was paid for by the Coal Mining Industry.


Black Waters / Laurie Lewis!/search?q=black+waters+lewis

A really nice and calming song if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics.


Which Side Are You On? / Natalie Merchant!/search?q=which+side+are+you+on+merchant

Wonderfully theatrical in its ambience.


(CTFS) Blind Fiddler / Rick Taylor!/search?q=Blind+fiddler+rick+taylor+

Just a beautiful finger-picking riff in this one. And—somehow unsurprisingly—there’s no fiddle.


(!!!CTFS!!!) Down Hadestown / Anais Mitchell feat. Ani Defranco and Ben Knox Miller!/search?q=way+down+hadestown

What a groove. Like, just what a groove. This album is worth a listen if you’re into the idea of a folk opera based on the Greek legend of the hero Orpheus braving Hades for his love Eurydice. It’s got street-beats as tasty as a crawdad in New Orleans.


Coal Tattoo / Kingston Trio!/search?q=coal+tattoo+kingston

Quite apparently the inspiration for The Folksmen from the movie A Mighty Wind, the Kingston Trio were a band that you could tell really meant what they sang.


(CTFS) West Virginia Mine Disaster / Jean Ritchie!/search?q=west+virginia+mine+disaster

Eerily, horribly, sickeningly beautiful.


You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive / Brad Paisley!/search?q=you’ll+never+leave+harlan+alive

I know you probably hate country, but if you haven’t heard Brad Paisley, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Dude’s hilarious. Except for this song. This song’s sad


(BONUS) Chemical Worker’s Song / Great Big Sea!/search?q=the+chemical+worker’s+song

Okay, technically not about coal, but I’m sure the sulfate industry is just as big a bitch. At least judging by this song. Got some wicked bodhran licks in it too (that’d be the drum, for the less Gaelic of us).





“Let’s both pretend I wrote something pithy here and never acknowledge it again.”Caleb Caswell, writer/musician/chalk-drawing enthusiast.

Workin’ Out Playlist

posted January 2, 2013 9:07 am

Whether you like to pump to punk, run to Rage Against the Machine, or crunch to dirty club beats, there’s something for everyone in this playlist. If there’s a tune I’ve missed, post it in the comments. (CTFS=Check This For Sure)


Here’s the full playlist


(CTFS) Money / Mystery Skulls!/search?q=money+mystery+skulls

— While you’re loosening up on a mat, take a minute to get in the groove. Download the full EP for a good time while driving or vacuuming or anything really


(CTFS) High Score (Stanton Warriors Remix feat. Dynamite MC) / The Nextmen!/search?q=the+nextmen+high+score

— Video games. Rap. A beautiful combination


Souljacker, Part 1 / Eels!/search?q=souljacker+part+1+eels

— And here I thought Eels only wrote music for falling asleep


Queen Bitch / The Hotrats!/search?q=queen+bitch+hot+rats

— My favourite Bowie tune redone by my favourite garage/cover band formed from alumni of British-Indie band Supergrass. Puts a bounce in your step


212 / Azealia Banks!/search?q=212+Azealia+banks

— It was hard choosing a tune off Banks’s 1991 EP, but Lawdy do’ this one help widde’ pump


(CTFS) Ironic / Four Year Strong!/search?q=ironic+four+year+strong

— Awesome cover tune. The classic question: Is Morisette stupid, or was she going for a higher irony by writing a song called Irony that doesn’t have a single ironic example in it?


(CTFS) Let Me Hit It / Sporty-O!/search?q=let+me+hit+it+sporty+o

— Sometimes when I do curls and listen to this song and look in the mirror I like to pretend I’m a sexpot


Let It Go (Laidback Luke Remix) / Dragonette!/search?q=laidback+luke+remix+dragonette

— Distract yourself from the burn with some wubs and droning


Battle Flag / Ion Storm!/search/song?q=Ion+Storm+Battle+Flag

— Listening to this song is like holding a magnum


The Deadly Rhythm / The Refused!/search?q=the+deadly+rhythm

— Sometimes, the best workout tunes just make you want to flail uncontrollably


Icky Thump / White Stripes!/search?q=icky+thump

— Distorted guitar. Yes


My Friend Dario / Vitalic!/search?q=my+friend+dario

— Drone and distortion?! Yes please!


Hit in the USA / Beat Crusaders!/search?q=Hit+in+the+USA

— The title to the anime series Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. This song makes me feel like I could for an hour straight on happiness alone


Be a Man / Mulan!/search?q=be+a+man+mulan

— Are you going to let Captain Li Shang call you a puss?! (I know it’s a Disney tune, but I GUARANTEE the a capella part at the end will add at least 10 pounds to your maximum bench press)


(CTFS) Wild Internation / One Day As A Lion!/search?q=wild+international+one+day+as+a+lion

— A cyclist once told me that Rage Against is the ultimate biking music. This Zack de la Rocha side project shows that it helps with just about everything


Grounds for Divorce / Big Business!/search?q=big+business+divorce

— We’re getting into the last stretch of the workout. Pull up your pants because, “this is the part that will hurt”


(CTFS) An Orgy of Critics / Say Anything!/search?q=an+orgy+of+critics

— Max Bemis’s voice inspires me to roundhouse stuff


(CTFS) Romantic Rights (Erol Aiken’s Love From Below Re-Edit)/ Death from Above 1979,!/search?q=romantic+rights+erol+re+edit

— Put that last ten pounds on the bar. Raise the treadmill elevation up that last digit. Put your head down, because you’re not stopping until it’s over


Touch / Stan Bush!/search?q=stan+bush+touch

— You’ve done a good job. You’ve hit your heights, and while you’re stretching down, reward your good work with this classic (best YouTube comment ever: “After every time I make a girl climax, I play this song”)



“Let’s both pretend I wrote something pithy here and never acknowledge it again.”Caleb Caswell, writer/musician/chalk-drawing enthusiast.

Christmas Playlist

posted December 22, 2012 6:51 pm

It’s the holiday season and we are really busy at the shop. We’re booked solid, in fact. It’s not a bad way to end the year, but we needed something cherry and bumping to help us get us through the final stretch of our final day today.

Luckily, Linda has been hassling one of our friends, Eric Joseph, for some time to make us a playlist. He came through, in full form, to bring us a Reggae Christmas playlist we can bounce to.

So here it is: Mighty Romeo’s Christmas Reggae Medley




Everyone at Barber Ha.




Playlist: Winter Tires

posted November 1, 2012 7:13 pm


Just as the tress turn barren with a few brave leaves that hold fast we begin our rituals to prepare for winter. The Season we always know that will arrive but secretly hope will never come. As we put snow tires on, get out the shovels, and realize that black magic mittens won’t cut it, we bring you a play list to keep you warm on those cold dark days. This playlist goes well with snowy drives, Sunday mornings (or the whole day) spent in bed, and banana bread.




Love like a Sunset – Phoenix

Largely ignored on their Wolfgang Amadeus album, as every one was busy bopping around to Lisztomania track; Phoenix offers a complex and moody progression fitting for dark Monday mornings and even darker evenings that begin just as it’s time to go home from work.


Afternoon – Youth Lagoon

A little caffeine, wool socks, and a hearty breakfast to get you out the door; from the fittingly titled album, The Year of Hibernation.


Breakers – Local Natives

“Breathing out, Hoping to breathe in, I know nothing’s wrong but I’m not convinced…”this will become  your snow marching and shoveling anthem. Protect your back. From their upcoming album, Hummingbird, which will be available in 2013.


We own the Sky – M83

While known for our gorgeous expansive blue skies sometimes we find ourselves shrouded in grey.  Invest in a SAD lamp and make sure you up your vitamin D intake.


Weekend Wars – MGMT

Stay in bed. No, really. Just stay in bed.


Running up that Hill – Chromatics

Originally recorded by Kate Bush in 1985, the Chromatics made it their own in 2007.

OG here :


Night Call – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx

A stacked track; produced by a Daft Punk member, featuring CSS singer Lovefoxxx and from the Drive soundtrack featuring everyone’s favorite heartthrob, Ryan Gosling. Men, it’s ok that you like him too. He’s pretty dreamy.


To the Grain – Junip

Whether on his own as a solo artist or with his band Junip; Jose Gonzalez crafts music that fits perfectly with cold prairie weather.


Skinny Love – Bon Iver

Sometimes love doesn’t last the winter. Written in an isolated log cabin after a break up, Bon Iver understands.


Lemonworld – The National

A friend once shushed me while we were listening to The National; it’s not music to have a conversation over, he said. If you got out of bed today, it’s a good time to get back in.


Never Again – Bahamas

Winter brings about it a little extra blubber to keep us warm. Throw a sweater over that shit, find a cuddle buddy, and don’t let go until spring thaw sets in.


Lose It (120 Days Remix) – Austra

Somewhere around January we lose faith that our land will ever thaw again and we’ll be stuck in winterland forever. Overspent and over indulged from the holidays our sanity and ability to cope through the next 3 months is put to the ultimate challenge.


Wishes – Beach House

Don’t you wish you owned a Beach House somewhere warm? Yeah, me too.


November – The Wilderness of Manitoba

Hauntingly gorgeous, beautifully crafted artisanal music from Toronto. The Wilderness of Manitoba recently released “Island of Echoes” and are playing The Haven Social club on November 9th, don’t miss it.


Soldier On – The Temper Trap

As we do every year. Even though it seems it, winter is not eternal.



Andrea Yacyshyn is a professional hobbyist and dance party enthusiast. In her spare time she is an unsolicited advice giver and bossy pants.


A Playlist To Usher You In To Autumn’s Arms

posted October 5, 2012 9:00 am


“…let the great summer go, lay your long shadows on the sundials, and over harvest piles let the winds blow.” – Rainer Maria Rilke



It’s here again; you know, that smell. Almost undetectable because to our eyes the grass is still green, the trees are still full and leafy, and the weather is still warm and faintly muggy. But that smell? It’s Autumn letting you know she’s on her way.

Whether she’s your favourite season or the bane of your existence, let this be the soundtrack to punctuate the falling leaves, wool scarves, and chilly mornings. Think of it as an aural pumpkin spice latte.


Nick Waterhouse – Some Place 

I dare you to not play this one on repeat for days on end. Horn heavy and howling, Nick Waterhouse’s brilliant 1950’s inspired rhythm and blues is a perfect example of what throwback music should sound like – genuine.


The Whitsundays – Loralee 

If we all had a dollar for every time a band wrote a sort-of bitter sort-of love song about a girl, we’d be millionaires. But if we had a dollar for every time a band did it well? Then we’d at least have one dollar courtesy of Edmonton’s own Whitsundays – creeping organ, chamber-like backing vocals, and an appropriate amount of pop jangle.


Spectrals – I Ran with Love

Spectrals combine defeatist lyrics with a dizzying backing melody that mirrors the emotion and contemplation of an inability to reconcile just why you couldn’t make it work with your lover.


Seapony – Fall Apart  

This playlist couldn’t be complete without some great female fronted lo-fi/dreampop, and Hardly Art’s Seapony satisfies that itch. If Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino is summoning you with a playful gesture to frolic on the beach and lay in the warm summer sun with her and her cats, then Seapony’s Jen Weidl just wants to wrap you in a blanket, set a mug of tea in your hands and let you watch the leaves fall, all while contemplating unrequited love.


Shimmering Stars – No One

I really can’t get enough of this band. Vancouver natives Shimmering Stars bring us gloomy and textural dream-pop with themes of underlying self-loathing, semi-homicidal thoughts and, yes, a little romanticism. Go get it.


Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time of the Assassins 

With model/actress Jane Birkin and the prolific Serge Gainsbourg for parents, one would be remiss to presume the fruit of their collective loins lack enormous talent. You may remember her from her highly controversial duet with her father entitled “Lemon Incest”, but put any trepidation you may have away. You’ll fall in love with her sweet coo upon first listen.


Wye Oak – Two Small Deaths

A simple, visceral, and honest chant from Baltimore’s indie-rock duo Wye Oak. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – this song carries emotional weight.


Tame Impala – It is Not Meant to Be 

Lyrically simple, the intro of this song, almost psychedelic, lends itself to the physical sensation of tumbling down the rabbit hole,  landing for a fleeting moment in quiet space, only to be swept up again in an even more complex ebb and flow of rhythm.


Gardens & Villa – Black Hills

The vibraphone and synth on this track great, but the forward motion of the constant pulse and “flat but it works” type of harmonization vocally is what really drives this song home.


Other Lives – Tamer Animals 

This somber, almost hymnal, oeuvre reduces us down to the base reality that amidst all our distractions and inventions we are, in fact, simply animals.


Guided by Voices – Learning to Hunt for You

Ah, Guided By Voices. Haunting and bittersweet; just like Autumn.



Savannah Alexandra Schultz is an Edmonton based writer, poet and audiophile. You can find her on twitter (@savanimaux) and in future posts on the Barber Ha Blog.



Sled Island

posted July 9, 2012 2:55 pm

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hey folks! We’ve put together a short playlist of some of our favorite performers from Sled Island this year. If you dig it, click here. Also, here’s the tracklist:

  1. The Railtown Abby — The Ballantynes
  2. Talkin’ Down — The Sadies
  3. Break It — The Reigning Sound
  4. The Dugout — Ladyhawk
  5. Paris Green — Jessica Jalbert
  6. Heard you wanna beat me up — The Strange Boys
  7. Best Scars — SLATES
  8. Time Shit And Crystal Snot — The Wicked Awesomes!
  9. Rolling — Black Mastiff
  10. Our Town — Nomeansno
  11. Suicide Invoice — Hot Snakes
  12. Wolfman — The Night Beats
  13. So High (So High) — Too High Crew

Salty’s Playlist

posted June 18, 2012 8:05 pm

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Travis “Salty” Sargent is a regular face at the shop as one of the barbers and shopkeepers. He also holds a special rank at the Empress Ale house as a bartender. On top of that, mixing and playing soul and garage tunes work their way into the man’s busy schedule. We’re pleased to present an hour long playlist by Ol’ Salty himself exclusively for Barber Ha. Enjoy! (and if you really enjoy it, be sure to download it here)


Here’s the tracklist:

1. I Heard It Through The Grapevine- Andre Williams
2. Nobody Spoil My Fun- The Seeds
3. With A Girl Like You- The Troggs
4. Beechwood 4-5789  -The Marvelettes
5. I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys- The Rolling Stones
6. Where There’s A Will- Jimmy Thomas
7. I’m a Man- The Spencer Davis Group
8. La Fille Du Père-Noël- Jacques Dutronc
9. it’ll make you holler- Arthur Noiel
10. Can’t Let Go – Evie Sands
11. The Smoke – My Friend Jack
12. Boom Boom – Blues by Five
13. No Good To Cry- The Wildweeds
14. Heartaches Mountain- Ollie & The Nightingales
15. What Am I Going To Do – The Dovers
16. Baby That’s Me- The Cake
17. Talkin’ Bout You- The Redcaps
18. The Kids Are Alright- The Who
19. Sticks And Stones- Ray Charles
20. Mary Mary (It’s To You That I Belong)- The Birdwatchers
21. Crawdaddy Simone- The Syndicats
22. Ring Dang Doo- Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
23. soul clap ’69 – Booker T & MG’s
24. Bout De Lune- Francoise Hardy

Spring 2012 Mix

posted May 18, 2012 9:50 pm

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For 6 years, Aaron Getz was one half of “Your Weekly AA Meeting with Anarchy Adam and Aaron” on CJSR. Having been exposed to the local punk scene at a young age, Aaron and Anarchy Adam were determined to feature local talent and establish punk standards for younger listeners. Aaron’s roots in punk music, experience in setting up all ages shows and promoting concerts in his spare time have expanded his musical tastes to what it has become.

For a while, Aaron took the moniker, DJ Jebus, and for years, he hosted a weekly Reggae club night called “Rub-a-Dub” with some real cool cats. Spinning as much as twenty hours a week and setting fridays aside to play punk, rockabilly, garage and the like, Aaron likes to call it time well wasted, but with a few people’s choice awards as See Magazine’s ‘Best of Edmonton’ DJ, we beg to differ.

On behalf of Aaron, we hope you enjoy the selections!

Here are 21 righteous tracks to ring in the season and help you escape the noise of construction and people sneezing. If you really like it, then y’all should just click and download it!