Are you a hairstylist looking for a change? Do you have an interest in Barbering but don’t know where to begin? Barber Ha is currently looking to fill both Licensed Barbering and New Barber Apprentice Positions. Barbering skills and barbers are steadily in demand. If you’ve been thinking of doing something different within the hair industry, working at Barber Ha would be a great opportunity. We offer competitive wages and comprehensive training in a fun and encouraging team environment.


Characteristics we look for in New Team Members and Why:


1. Ability to take feedback. We pride ourselves in what we do, so consistency is key for us.  Taking feedback is never easy but it is essential to take feedback and not take it personal.  We take our training seriously, so there will be feedback all the time strictly for growth reasons.


2. Ability to work with others in a team environment. Sometimes it gets busy, just like in a salon setting it’s great to have a hand to help when things get behind.  What is different for us from a salon setting is that we get to know all our clients no matter who they are with so its perfectly fine to talk to a client that is not in your chair.  We don’t work in invisible cubicles and we don’t individually own our clients, you need to be ok with that.


3. A quest for knowledge, and initiative. Barbering may seem straight forward on the surface but it is a huge part of the hair industry that is also always changing.  Always asking questions, searching for information that brings back to your barbering skills is a plus for not only you but your clients.


4. Punctuality, Professionalism, and Taking Pride in Personal Grooming.  This one is pretty straight forward but is essential to what we are looking for.


5. Overall Cultural fit. Barber Ha is just one shop representing one type of Barbering Culture, it’s not for everyone.  So this point encompasses all of the above but is the last piece to our missing puzzle.  If you’re a fit great, if not it’s nothing personal, please keep that in mind.


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