Uncle Norman

Uncle Norman's Moustache Tamer

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A simple recipe made with great ingredients.
Pure local beeswax. Coconut oil without any additives. And the secret to UNMT's success: the firm hold and great scent that comes from hand-harvested conifer sap and juniper berries.

The solid conifer resin is melted to a bubbling, aromatic syrup. Crushed juniper berries are added. The sap is boiled over an open flame, allowing the different scents to mingle. The refined sap is filtered twice, removing any bark or wood fibres.
The beeswax and coconut oil are melted slowly, taking care to keep the temperature down to preserve the delicate scent of the wax. Then the refined conifer sap and juniper oil is blended in. The Moustache Tamer is poured, cooled and ready to use!

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